Welcome Jasmina!

Jasmina Ikonen is a new addition to our growing Quality Assurance team. She will focus mainly on the Finnish and Baltic markets.

create 2023-08-24

Jasmina Ikonen

What did you do before joining Sam Nordic?

I worked as a Pharmacovigilance Expert at PharmaLex. 


So far, what is your impression of SAM Nordic as a company?

I really like it! I have been here before, about 2 years ago also then as a Responsible Person. I really like the environment and it’s welcoming. It is easy to join SAM Nordic. 


What do you bring to the team, as a colleague?

I come with positive energy. I am also capable of making decisions, even if they are tough. I can take the lead if necessary. For me it is a strength to come from and work in an environment with clear guidelines, I work well then. 


What are you most looking forward to in the role of Responsible Person?

To work full-time with quality issues and to get more responsibility compared to my previous job.


What do you do when not at work?

Mainly keeping my kids alive. And so, I try to find time to do sports to keep myself alive. I am really into playing golf, started about last summer. It is a really challenging sport.


Who would you take with you to a desert island?

Definitely someone who can get me out of there. I wouldn’t survive long in nature. Bring a boat!


Your home is in flames, what are you leaving behind?

My husband has started playing the ukulele. I don’t care if it burns up, I can’t listen to it anymore. Even the kids have started complaining!