SAM Nordic starts working with IRE Elit

'- producer of a new radiopharmaceutical 68Germanium/68Gallium generator

create 2016-02-09

SAM Nordic is very happy to introduce our latest supplier: IRE Elit

IRE, or the Institute of Radioelements, is a non-profit foundation, whose main activity is the production of radio-isotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the field of nuclear medicine.

IRE Elit, an IRE subsidiary, produces several radiopharmaceutical derivatives used in the treatment of certain cancers and palliative care. IRE Elit, in addition to its production activities, contributes to the protection of the environment via its services for measurement of radioactivity in various samples, the radiological characterisation of waste and contaminated elements, consultancy and technical assistance projects in the radiological and nuclear fields, and the dismantling of sealed radioactive sources.

Each year, over six million nuclear medicine examinations are carried out using medical radio-isotopes produced by IRE.

SAM Nordic will be the Nordic representative for IRE Elit’s radiopharmaceutical 68Germanium/68Gallium generator that constitutes major progress in the availability and routine use of Gallium-68 by nuclear medicine centres.

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