Theragnostic Talks, episode 3: Christian Behrenbruch

Theragnostic Talks: Episode S01E03, Christian Behrenbruch

create 2021-04-07
What is in the theragnostic pipeline and what is the best way for industry and healthcare to cooperate? In this episode of Theragnostic Talks we meet the serial entrepreneur Dr Christian Behrenbruch.

Christian Behrenbruch has started or financed about 20 new tech companies, mostly in healthcare. He is co-founder and CEO of Telix Pharmaceuticals that develops a portfolio of clinical-stage products that address significant unmet needs in oncology and rare diseases.

One of the things we talk to Dr Behrenbruch about is what it takes for nuclear medicine to be widely successful. Well, Dr Behrenbruch says, you have to care for people everywhere. “We need to come up with solutions that make nuclear medicine really accessible for everyone”.

Guest: Dr Christian Behrenbruch
By: Gustav Widar and Annette Andren
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