Theragnostic Talks: 9. Turned family loss to stronger patient voice – with Simone Leyden

create 2021-07-06
After losing her 34 year old sister to a rare Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer, Simone Leyden decided to raise awareness of NETs. In 2009 she started NeuroEndocrine Cancer – former Unicorn Foundation – together with her brother John.

What struck them, while their sister was struggling, was that there was a huge difference in treatment and support for less common cancers, compared to more common ones. Since they started the foundation, they have been working tirelessly to make a difference by driving research and studies, educate and raising funds. Always with the patient in focus.

What is possible to achieve as a foundation and patient association? How crucial is the own commitment to be able to make a difference? Listen to this episode of Theragnostic Talks with the truly committed Simone Leyden.

Join us in this episode of Theragnostic Talks.

Guest: Simone Leyden
By: Gustav Widar and Annette Andrén
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