Theragnostic Talks 23. Getting ready for theragnostics

create 2023-02-21
The Health Policy Partnership wants to increase knowledge and awareness of theragnostics, but how do we go about it? Hear Lucy Morgan, associate director of research and policy, tell us more in the latest episode of Theragnostic Talks.

How can we best raise awareness of theragnostics? What are the challenges? And how do we ensure that patients have access to these treatments? Lucy Morgan, associate director of research and policy at the Health Policy Partnership, walks us through these questions in the podcast. She also talks about the Radioligand Therapy Readiness Hub.

“We hope people can learn from what has been done elsewhere, use and adapt it for their own context. People don´t have to reinvent the wheel, not start from scratch. They can get great ideas and take advantage of hard work that has already been done”.

To find out more about how the Health Policy Partnership is working to raise awareness of theragnostics, read more here!

Guest: Lucy Morgan
By: Gustav Widar and Lisa Gruschy
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