Theragnostic Talks 16. A passionate journey with theragnostics 

create 2021-11-03
Born and raised in Italy, her family now living in France, and her office in Switzerland, Dr Laura Ravasi travels all over Europe.  “Sometimes even my husband asks me where I am”, she says. 

Dr Laura Ravasi is Head of Global Medical Affairs at Telix Pharmaceuticals. She has a background as a nuclear medicine physician and she previously worked as senior medical advisor at AAA.  

“I did not think that this opportunity would have been given to me, the possibility to work with something that I am so passionate about”. 

It is obvious that Laura Ravasi is passionate about theragnostics. 

“I tell my kids that I am probably not going to see them a lot but I am going to do stuff for a lot of patients out there who are living miserable lives. That is my motivation, to make somebody feel better”. 

Hear Laura Ravasi talk about what lies ahead within the field of theragnostics. And how come she is so passionate about it? Join us on a journey, from proof of concept to theragnostics of today.

Guest: Dr Laura Ravasi 
By: Annette Andrén and Gustav Widar
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