Theragnostic Talks 15. The father of theragnostics

create 2021-10-20
“I think he would be most thrilled with the phase III trials that have come out recently. Showing the success of using targeted therapy in treating metastatic prostate cancer. That would really be exciting for him.” In this episode of Theragnostic Talks we have the privilege to talk to Barbara Hertz. She is the daughter of the American physician Saul Hertz, the father of theragnostics. Saul Hertz was the first medical doctor to use radioactive iodine to treat hyperthyroidism and, further on, thyroid carcinoma, he was the one who pioneered the first targeted cancer therapies.

When Barbara found boxes of her father’s original work, she realized that while he served the Navy during World War II, other people took the opportunity to take credit for his work. The history of his contribution had been twisted. Barbara decided to put all the puzzle pieces together.

Saul Hertz passed away of a heart attack, only 45 years old. Today, Barbara Hertz is determined to honor his extraordinary journey.