Theragnostic Talks 14. Astatine-211 – Swedish start-up pushing cancer therapy to the next level with Emma Aneheim

create 2021-09-28
Can Astatine-211 in combination with antibodies be used to treat ovarian cancer? Yes. Listen to Emma Aneheim, one of few experts in this field, talk about how the rare radioactive chemical element can make a great difference in tomorrow´s cancer care.

Emma Aneheim is a Postdoctoral Researcher in radiochemistry at the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is also co-founder of Alpha Therapy Solutions – a start-up company specialized in radioimmunotherapy using the radioactive chemical element Astatine-211 linked with an antibody. Astatine-211 is the most rare radioactive element on earth. Collecting it all together from the earth, it will only end up in less than 30 grams.

Hear her talk about the main benefits with Astatine-211, how she worked with nuclear chemistry related to energy production and ended up in healthcare, and when she believes that cancer treatment with Astatine-211 will be reality.

Guest: Postdoctoral Researcher Emma Aneheim
By: Annette Andrén and Gustav Widar
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