Theragnostic Talks 13. Lack of evidence? Is consensus an option? – with Silke Gillessen

create 2021-09-14
Collaboration and letting go of self-interest are key to make things happen. "We are so much stronger together", says Professor Silke Gillessen.

Prof. Silke Gillessen is the lead organizer of the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference, APCCC, where the world´s top prostate cancer experts get together. As Silke Gillessen says:, If you don´t have good evidence, the second best you can have is consensus from experts in the field.

Silke Gillessen is Head of the Medical Oncology Department and Medical Scientific Director of the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland. She is considered one of the world´s leading experts in GU oncology, she has led numerous clinical trials and won prestigious awards.

So, what are the main hot topics at the moment? And what difference does it really make for prostate cancer care, gathering the expertise? Welcome to join this episode of Theragnostic Talks.

Guest: Professor Silke Gillessen
By: Gustav Widar and Annette Andrén
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