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Theragnostic Talks 17. Unlocking the potential of biomarkers in cancer treatment

create 2022-01-18
Using biomarkers from a blood test: can that optimize the treatment for prostate cancer? Listen to Professor Henrik Grönberg, who recently received the award “Cancer Researcher of the Year in 2022” by the Swedish Cancer Society. He tells us about the ProBio study which has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of prostate cancer.

“This kind of adaptive design has never been used in oncology before. ProBio is the forerunner of actually using this”, says Professor Henrik Grönberg.

Professor Henrik Grönberg, who recently received the award “Cancer Researcher of the Year, 2022” from the Swedish Cancer Society, is the inventor of the Stockholm3 blood test. A simple blood test in which biomarkers are used to detect aggressive prostate cancer at an early stage. A test that replaces traditional PSA screening.

Henrik Grönberg and his colleagues are always eager to do things that no one else has done before. Next up is the ProBio trial, using biomarkers from blood tests to optimize the treatment for prostate cancer, therefore making it possible to provide the correct treatment, at the proper time, to the patient, thus increasing the chances of a longer life.

200 patients are participating in the study. There are 10 centers in Sweden, 10 in Belgium with new centers on the way in Norway and Switzerland. This summer there will be in total 35 centers in different countries, running the ProBiostudy.


Guest: Professor Henrik Grönberg
By: Annette Andrén and Gustav Widar
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