Movember is here

Movember is here, and raising awareness of men's health - specifically, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention is on everyone's lips.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer form for men over 45. Forty-five! Let that sink in for a moment. We must discuss men’s health more and ask our male loved ones questions about their health. Do they go to checkups? Are they showing any signs? Experiencing any symptoms?

Because when it comes to health, it all starts with a conversation. Awkward or not, that is a state of mind. Let’s break the stigma that keeps us from helping each other. Let’s talk more.

Remember, behind every moustache, there is a conversation waiting to happen. So, let’s raise awareness, break the silence, and lend a helping hand to those facing these challenges.

Whether you’re a Mo Bro, a Mo Sis, or a non-binary Mo, your ‘stache solidarity counts.

Together, we’re not just growing facial hair; we’re breaking the stigma! 🗣💙


create 2023-11-20