Updates on PRRT 2 May 5th 2021

May 5th 2021: Updates on PRRT 2 – Webinar

today 5 May 2021 - 5 May 2021

Watch the filmed webinar from May 5, 2021: Updates on PRRT 2

To watch you need a password, please contact us on info@samnordic.se and we will arrange that for you.

Enjoy the filming from yet another interesting meeting with some of the best speakers in the field of nuclear medicine. Moderators on this event was Prof. Halfdan Sorbye from Haukeland University Hospital in Norway and Dr. Espen Thiis-Evensen from Oslo University Hospital in Norway.


14:00 Welcome
Annette Andrén, MSL at SAM Nordic

14:05 Presenting the topic and agenda
Prof. Halfdan Sorbye, Chair Medical oncologist, Department of Oncology, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway

14:10 Practical management of personalized PRRT- The Peter Mac experience
Dr. Grace Kong, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia

14:40 PRRT combined with other treatment modalities
Dr. Michael Michael, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia

15:05 Break

15:15 How to optimize PRRT in the future
Prof. Anders Sundin, Uppsala University, Sweden

15:40 Developments in diagnostic nuclear medicine
Prof. Andreas Kjær, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

16:05 Concluding remarks
Dr. Espen Thiis-Evensen, Chair Gastroenterologist, Center for neuroendocrine tumors, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway