International Childhood Cancer Day

Today, February 15th, the matter of childhood cancer is highlighted worldwide.

Here in Sweden, one child a day is affected by cancer. But there is hope. We are currently on the verge of a childhood cancer revolution, where new personalised treatments are being developed that are tougher on the cancer and gentler on the children.

Short Facts about Childhood Cancer in Sweden:

🔔 Every day, a child is affected by cancer.

🔔 The average survival rate is 85 percent, but it varies a lot depending on the diagnosis.

🔔 7 out of 10 survivors suffer from late complications after treatment or the disease itself, such as cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease, or secondary cancer.

In Sweden, we also light candles for all children affected by cancer. The Childhood Cancer Foundation’s digital candle manifestation already includes up to 50,000 lit candles!
Light a digital candle yourself at to give a little extra hope and care to families affected by childhood cancer.🕯

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Barncancerfonden is the single largest funder of childhood cancer research. SAM Nordic is a proud, longstanding supporter of their essential work for progress in childhood cancer research.

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