How we use cookies

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Consent to cookies

According to the Swedish Act on Electronic Communication, all website users must receive information on cookies and what they are used for. The visitor’s consent to using cookies is required unless cookies are essential to provide the service the visitor has expressly requested. Permission is given by accepting cookies in the web browser.

What are cookies?

When you visit the site, cookies are placed on your computer. A cookie is a trim code or text that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. The cookie allows the website to collect data and will remember your actions or preferences as you browse the site.

Why are cookies used?

Our site uses cookies to provide a more responsive and personalised service. Cookies allow the site to store your customised preferences and settings, collect traffic data and analyse how the site is functioning.
In some cases, the use of cookies means that we process Personal Data. All Personal Data processing follows our Privacy Policy.

How can I control cookies?

You have the choice to accept or refuse to accept these cookies. The site will only store cookies on your computer if the site receives your consent. On your first visit, a banner asking if you consent to accept cookies will appear. By giving your permission, the site will store a cookie on your computer, and the banner will not appear anymore as long as the cookie is active. This banner will appear again once the life duration of the cookie expires or if you voluntarily delete it, and once again, your consent will be asked.

You can use the site without accepting cookies. If you do not allow cookies to be received from the site, some features and functionality may not operate as expected.

Types of cookies

There are different types of cookies: persistent, session, and third-party. SAM Nordic uses all kinds of these cookies on its website.

Session cookies are only stored temporarily while visiting the site and are removed once the visitor leaves the website. The cookie consent will disappear when you log out or close the browser and be prompted on the next visit.

Persistent cookies save a file on your computer for a limited time, keeping your preferences and retrieving them on subsequent visits. Some of these persistent cookies are third-party cookies from traffic monitoring companies and other external partners contracted to follow your navigation on the site. The information is used, among other things, to improve the website and display digital offers – even on other websites.

Third-party cookies are used by external applications/software to perform specific functions. These providers use cookies and similar technologies to collect data (such as IP addresses) to evaluate the use and interaction with SAM Nordic’s website.

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Last update: December 18th, 2023