Expanding the warehouse team

Zakarias Lindström, a welcomed addition to the warehouse team and already an appretiated colleague.

Hello Zakarias and welcome to the Company. How did you end up at SAM Nordic?
Thank you! It feels great to be part of the team. One of my current colleagues told me that SAM Nordic could use some more help in the warehouse. I went for an interview and talked with the other workers at the warehouse who I got along with well, and now here I am! I love the atmosphere here and all my co-workers are so nice to me.

What did you do before you joined SAM Nordic?
I recently graduated senior high school with a specialisation in Adventure Tourism at ForshagaAkademin. Outside of school, I have worked at a kayaking rental and in ski resorts where I had the opportunity to learn more about nature guiding.

With that said, this is a new experience for me, both the environment and the way to work. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to work here. Since I don’t have branch experience, I am learning every day. I also believe that my way of seeing how things work and could work is beneficial for the company!

I could not agree with you more. New and young eyes are super important in the digital transformation age we are still experiencing. Thanks to you, we now have a digital native in the company.

So far, what is your impression of SAM Nordic as a company?

As I mentioned earlier, all the colleagues are nice, and you feel welcome here. I also really love the way we always put the customers and not least the patients first in every important decision we make. It feels great to know that everything we do at work is so important for so many people. That’s the thing I love the most about SAM Nordic, being able to make a difference!

What do you look forward most to, in the coming months, working at SAM Nordic?
I’m looking forward to learning new and improving my skills as this will help me help other new employees in the future.

What is the most valuable thing you learned, so far, in your career?
Do your job with a positive mindset and be open-minded!

Where will you mostly be found, when not at work?
In my spare time, I usually go to the gym or hang out with friends. I also love being outside, hiking and snowboarding in the mountains or kayaking at sea. Therefore the choice of school.
I like to travel and am longing for the pandemic to be over so I can travel somewhere warm soon.