Environment and sustainability

Environmental policy

SAM Nordic believes that the environment and sustainability are vital for the survival and success of humanity. Our vision, “A world without cancer”, assumes a sustainable future on a healthy and vibrant planet.

We set an example in our internal environmental work and show that we take sustainability issues seriously. We achieve this through high competence, shared responsibility, continuous improvement and minimising our environmental impact in our decision-making. This keeps us at the forefront and helps us to improve how we work constantly. Environmental reasons are an acceptable argument for increased costs.

Responsibility for application
The policy and its various related documents must be known, understood, and applied in daily operations. Employees are given environmental training internally regularly. Employees and board members are also encouraged and inspired to act in an environmentally friendly manner outside working hours. We want to be an inspiration to our employees, owners, authorities, customers, candidates, suppliers and other stakeholders when it comes to the environment and sustainability.

Specific applications
The environmental policy is based on the environmental impact of the activity, i.e., what is often called “environmental aspects” in environmental work according to ISO 14001. The environmental aspects, or the environmental risks to which we contribute, that are most related to the goods and services we provide are transport, travel, waste, energy, etc.

The main impact areas, including a brief description of how we minimise our climate and environmental impact:

  • Travel, meetings and overnight stays
    We minimise the environmental impact of travel, meetings, and overnight stays. For example, we encourage digital meetings and when physical meetings are needed, we choose to travel by train.
  • Purchase of goods and services
    Quality and function together with environmental impact are three decisive factors we take in the purchasing process. SAM Nordic shall be at the forefront and show others that an environmentally oriented purchasing behaviour of goods and services promotes a sustainable society and is a step towards a more sustainable society.
  • Transports
    Aligning our environmental work with our forwarders through a code of conduct.
  • Investment of capital
    When investing capital, environmental considerations should be central.
  • Reuse, recycling, and waste
    We minimise the use of resources by reusing and recycling the material.

More concrete guidance will be handed in upon request.

Monitoring of the policy
We work continuously to improve our environmental work. Reviews and evaluations of established policy documents take place annually. To remain at the forefront, we work actively with goals and key figures aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is followed up annually and reported to the Board. We are compliant with GDP (Good distribution practice). Naturally, we comply with current environmental legislation as well as environmental requirements and standards, but we strive to exceed them.