Cancer imaging: The submitted file of IRE ELiT’s 68Ge/68Ga generator has been accepted in 13 European countries

create 2018-05-18

On May 9th, IRE ELiT, a subsidiary and innovation hub of IRE (Institute for Radioelements), received the acceptance of RMS (Reference Member State) and all CMS (Concerned Member States) for its radiopharmaceutical Germanium-68/Gallium-68 generator. This represents a major breakthrough in the world of nuclear medicine and medical imaging.

Gallium-68 is the isotope which, when accompanied by a cold vector, is used in oncology for the diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancers, particularly difficult to detect at the early stage. It is also used in clinical development of highly specific diagnostic agents such as for the diagnosis of prostate cancer (recurrent forms), the most common cancer in men.

Nuclear medicine uses the properties of the radiation emitted by a radioactive isotope for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In oncology, radiopharmaceutical diagnoses can determine the number and aggressiveness of tumours and metastases.

Today, radiopharmaceutical diagnosis accompanied by their therapeutic counterpart open a new era in the field of personalised medicine (theranostic: “the right treatment for the right patient”).