Empowering change through sponsorships and donations

SAM Nordic’s commitment to sponsorships and donations extends across a diverse spectrum, all fueled by a collective purpose – to uplift enterprises and organisations that exemplify solid passion and dedication in their pursuits.

With our focused mission on advancing cancer care, SAM Nordic’s philanthropic endeavours are particularly drawn to initiatives within this sphere. Our hearts resonate deeply with activities that amplify the reach and impact of cancer care initiatives.


In addition to fostering collaborative sponsorships, we stand alongside esteemed entities such as the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and Totalskidskolan, united in our commitment to sparking positive change.

In alignment with our sponsorship guidelines, collaborations should actively contribute to endeavours to benefit individuals battling cancer.


Bespoke wigs for cancer warriors

Ekeberg Perukmakeri is an esteemed Stockholm-based enterprise that crafts bespoke wigs for individuals navigating the challenging cancer care journey. Ekebergs also creates wigs for various theatre and opera scenes. At the heart of the artistry lies a commitment to quality, as they exclusively use the finest, authentic human hair for their creations. Each wig emerges as a masterpiece, handcrafted to be as unique as its wearer. The process of making one wig unfolds over three to six weeks, culminating in a wig that is both a symbol of resilience and a work of art.

They are also an authorised supplier of hair replacement requisition through the Healthcare Administration, Stockholm County Council.

We are very proud to support Ekeberg Perukmakeri.

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The words child and cancer do not belong together

We are proud, long-time supporters and sponsors of The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund (Barncancerfonden), which fights childhood cancer, aiming for survival and a good life for every affected child. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund finances research that enables more effective and gentle treatments that are meaner to the cancer but kinder to the children.

They also offer support to affected families and childhood cancer survivors throughout the country. National and local associations work together to contribute to positive developments in all areas related to childhood cancer.

We are aiming for more effective treatments and even better care.

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The slopes belong to everyone

In a heartwarming collaboration, SAM Nordic stands tall as a proud partner of Totalskidskolan – a remarkable nonprofit association deeply rooted in skiing. Totalskidskolan stands for a powerful belief: that skiing is a passion waiting to be embraced by all, regardless of ability.

Totalskidskolan is committed to its mission to break the financial barriers that often hinder people with disabilities from fully embracing their sporting passion. With the support of sponsors, financiers, and business partners, they carve pathways that ensure skiing is a realm accessible to all. The slopes belong to everyone.

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