A theragnostics symposium in Uppsala

Tomorrow, we are participating in a theragnostics symposium in Uppsala. We are delighted that this is happening and that theragnostics is gaining more ground and space in the Nordics.

Theragnostics is a term used to describe when radioactive drugs are used as diagnostic and therapeutic pairs. Receptors that are overexpressed in the diseased tissue, e.g. tumors, are used to guide the drug to the target. The radiation can then either be used to for imaging or for therapy depending on the radionuclide used.

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Theragnostics- the use of radiolabelled compounds for therapy and diagnosis.

The meeting is arranged by SciLifeLab. We especially look forward to listening to Prof. Richard P. Baum and getting insight into what is happening in Sweden’s scientific field regarding theragnostics.

Read more about the meeting here: https://www.scilifelab.se/event/theranostics-the-use-of-radiolabelled-compounds-for-therapy-and-diagnosis/