8 Weeks Challenge

This year, we tried something new in our mission to maintain healthy employees. We called it the 8 Weeks Challenge, which was indeed a challenge. The gift was eight weeks of intensive, customised training with personal trainer Isabelle Granström at Fjällfunktionell in Åre.

create 2023-11-29

All training was based on individual needs; some of us worked out at the gym, some outside, and some only with gear from the simple home gym. Some had specific goals, while others wanted to get started with a plan. The basic idea was that all employees would be given as much support as possible to move every week for two months.

Isabell Ahlén, CEO of SAM Nordic and initiator of the challenge, says:

“We have worked a lot on our health profile, including step challenges with money for charity collected. On our team days, we always have some activities, as we don’t believe in sitting on our butts at internal conferences all day.”

When asked why this was given to all employees, Isabell first smiles big, but at the end of the sentence, she looks more serious.

“We had an intense work period, and everyone had been working so hard. The best thing you can do is to invest in yourself and your health, and in these times of inflation and the world… many people don’t prioritise themselves.”

Isabell, who personally loves exercise and being active, elaborates further.

“With this initiative, I wanted to show that exercise does not have to be so difficult. Yes, I believe in training, right or wrong, but I believe in moving. Our employees are our most important asset, and I want them to stay healthy.”

But it is not only the physical aspects of movement that Isabell thought about when the training challenge started.

“I thought this could also strengthen the team spirit, to get something to talk about in the team. Being able to encourage and cheer each other on over coffee or lunch.”

Finally, Isabell smiles, spreads her hands, and says:

“Training is not just for a select few. You don’t have to be an athlete. Just do it.”