Isabell, the Entrepreneurial Winning Woman in the Stockholm region

Friday was an extraordinary day for Isabell Ahlén and the SAM Nordic family as she received the prize, Entrepreneurial Winning Women in the Stockholm region.

The prize is awarded to a woman who runs a business that has grown rapidly in a short period. The winner needs to fulfil the EY Entrepreneur of The Year award criteria. The juries review the entrepreneurs based on four criteria: influence, entrepreneurship, purpose, and growth.

The jury’s statement was a genuine ode to our progressive yet humble CEO, capturing her dynamic and down-to-earth leadership style:

“Business ideas are often born out of a strong desire to change, which is certainly true for this entrepreneur who exudes a true “anything is possible” mentality. With a clear purpose and an ambitious vision, she runs a business that contributes to a better life for many people. With warm leadership and a strong sense of sustainability, she is a worthy winner”.

We are bursting with pride for her and thrilled to be a part of this vital mission alongside Isabell.

Read the full interview with Isabell, article in Swedish:
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